Security and Efficiency Across Industries

From sprawling hospitals serving communities to complex industrial estates, businesses have increasingly recognised the importance of high-security and access systems. In this evolving landscape, MF Services emerges as the trusted partner, offering tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of different facilities, no matter the size.

We pride ourselves on providing an A to Z service, from rapid cost estimate, through sourcing necessary equipment, to expertly installing and maintaining even the most complex systems. We have been delivering security and access control solutions in Ireland for 25 years, working with esteemed establishments such as the HSE, Carbon Chemicals Group and county councils.


Addressing All Concerns

The imperative for round-the-clock security cannot be overstated. Safety, confidentiality, and efficient operations are paramount. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions that address these critical concerns:


  1. Protect Vulnerable Patients with Surveillance

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are dedicated to the well-being of patients, and patient safety is the utmost priority. Our surveillance solutions are designed to protect vulnerable patients, ensuring their safety and security during their stay, as well as preventing negligence cases.

  1. Control Secure Areas Access

Access control is essential in multiple settings where restricted areas house sensitive information, valuable equipment, pharmaceuticals and more. Our access control systems empower you to manage and secure these areas effectively.

  1. Monitor Staff and Visitors

Effective monitoring of staff and visitors is essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of any large-scale facilities. Our solutions offer real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling you to maintain a secure and orderly environment.

  1. Identify Potential Hazards

Preventing accidents and identifying potential hazards are critical from both legal and financial point of view. Our systems are equipped with advanced features that help identify and address safety concerns proactively.

  1. Smart Traffic Administration for Enhanced Parking Efficiency

Efficient parking management is a key challenge for most businesses, particularly during peak hours. We understand the need to maximise parking space while ensuring smooth traffic flow. To address this challenge, we design traffic flow management systems that strike the right balance between optimising parking and allowing for unimpeded access to emergency services if needed.



Complex Systems without the Hassle

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your facility, including:


  1. Automatic Doors

Streamline entry and exit points with our automatic door systems, enhancing accessibility and ensuring seamless staff movements.

  1. Access Control Systems

Safeguard sensitive areas within your facility with our advanced access control systems. Restrict access to authorised personnel and enhance overall security.

  1. CCTV Systems

Monitor critical areas and deter potential security threats with our state-of-the-art, AI-enhanced industrial surveillance systems. Enjoy real-time monitoring and peace of mind.

  1. Automatic Barriers

Effortlessly manage the flow of car traffic with our automatic barriers, optimised for operating in high-traffic areas. Uncompromised durability even in the most demanding environments. 


Case Studies

Health Sector
Bon Secours Hospital Cork

MF Services provide Access Control, CCTV, Parking and Door Automation throughout the hospital

Read Case Study
Industrial Sector
Carbon Chemicals Group

MF Services provides a range of services to this company including CCTV, Automatic Gates, Barriers and Access Control

Read Case Study
Retail Sector
Frascati Shopping Centre

MF Services provide a comprehensive and robust parking management system including 4 Entries, 4 Exits and 6 Pay Stations.

Read Case Study
Public Sector
Louth County Council

MF Services have supplied 230 Pay & Display Machines across Dundalk & Drogheda Towns

Read Case Study
Health Sector
South Infirmary Victoria Hospital

MF Services provided GRP Swing Doors, Hermetic Sliding Doors with full Theatre Control Panel Integration

Read Case Study
Public Sector
Kilkenny County Council

MF Services replaced all existing 65 Pay & Display Parking Machines around Kilkenny Castle

Read Case Study
Public Sector
Kerry County Council

MF Services replaced all existing 97 Pay & Display Parking Machines for Kerry County Council

Read Case Study

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