One of the priorities of OMNITEC is its commitment to the environment and contribution to energy savings in the hospitality sector, improving the comfort of guests and users in the facilities and minimising supply costs.

The OMNITEC range of energy savers, sensors and comfort devices mean you can carefully manage the equipment in the different rooms to optimise energy savings and comfort depending on occupancy; achieving savings of up to 60% in electricity use.

Devices for saving energy and improving comfort are the result of the specialisation and orientation of Omnitec to the hospitality and industrial catering sectors. Omnitec’s range of energy savers, sensors and convenience devices mean energy savings and comfort can be optimised according to occupancy; leading to savings of up to 60% in electricity use.


  • The Simple energy saver is activated by any card inserted in the accommodation.
  • The MiFare energy saver model operates with a MiFare card, without reading any authorisation for the facilities.
  • Smart is an energy saver requiring the use of the particular MiFare card for a location. This energy saving model manages 2 output relays.
  • The Wireless energy saver has two designs: firstly, a wall-mounted one for use with smartphones and different card supports to access the room, as well as letting you enter that facility with your own card; and secondly DIN rail, an energy saver located in the electrical panel, simplifying the installation. Both models work in conjunction with wireless movement, door and window sensors.

Case Studies

Health Sector
Bon Secours Hospital Cork

MF Services provide Access Control, CCTV, Parking and Door Automation throughout the hospital

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Industrial Sector
Carbon Chemicals Group

MF Services provides a range of services to this company including CCTV, Automatic Gates, Barriers and Access Control

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Retail Sector
Frascati Shopping Centre

MF Services provide a comprehensive and robust parking management system including 4 Entries, 4 Exits and 6 Pay Stations.

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Public Sector
Louth County Council

MF Services have supplied 230 Pay & Display Machines across Dundalk & Drogheda Towns

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Other Industries & Sectors

Parking Systems

We have vast experience in Pay & Display, Barrier Parking Systems and Fixed fee on Exit system.

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Security Systems

Integrated Security Solutions for Industrial & Commercial Properties

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Automatic Doors

Simple barrier free access to your building

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Electric Car Chargers

Wide range of premium Electric Car Charging solutions to fit your home, your business, or your car park

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Hotel Locks & Systems

Easy access and solutions for your guests

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