Over 50 years combined experience

With over 50 years’ combined experience, MF Services has a highly knowledgeable and expert Management Team. MF services are ISO9001, and PSA Certified and are a major player in the Irish Security Market. Their car parking equipment has processed over €100,000,000 in transactions to date.

MF Services offer a vast range of Access Control Systems, from the simplest localised solution to a fully networked building management system.


Employing the latest technology

Security and Access Systems employ the latest technology to ensure that parking admission is effectively and efficiently controlled. MF Services can design and install systems which allow vehicles to raise barriers, pedestrians to open doors, drivers to open gates, high-value items to be protected and to record times of entry and exit which can be linked to employee payrolls.


Building strong relationships

MF Services was established in 1985 by Michael & Anna Foy, whose business success is based on building a strong relationship with their customers, understanding their specific requirements and providing the software and hardware to best suit the client’s needs.

Experienced staff provides consistent service, while still being able to adapt quickly to customer’s needs.