Unlock the Future of Parking Management with IPS Data Management System (DMS)


In the age of Smart Cities, data is the invaluable resource that often remains untapped. Your city’s parking program holds a wealth of unused potential, and it’s time to harness it for the benefit of your citizens. Enter the IPS Data Management System (DMS), a secure web-based application that empowers you to revolutionise your parking operations. With the IPS DMS, you’ll have the tools to transform data into actionable insights, resulting in a more efficient and citizen-centric Smart Parking solution.


Empower Your City with Data


Your city’s parking program generates a wealth of data every day, and the IPS DMS is your gateway to unlocking its full potential. Say goodbye to underutilised information and hello to better results for your citizens. The IPS DMS enables your city to monitor maintenance activities and user trends, optimising your entire parking system. And the best part? You can do it all from any web-enabled device. Put the power of your city’s entire parking operation into your hands and make strategic decisions at every turn.


Key Benefits at a Glance


  1. Seamless Integration

The IPS DMS offers the ability to seamlessly integrate meters, vehicle sensors, and pay-by-cell applications into a single back-end system. This consolidation streamlines your parking operations and enhances efficiency.

  1. No Installation Hassles

There’s no need for local software or new hardware installation. The IPS DMS is designed to minimise disruption and maximise convenience.

  1. Robust Security

Rest easy knowing that your data is protected. The IPS DMS maintains the latest encryption and internet security standards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your parking data.

  1. Real-time Access:

Access your parking data in real-time, 24/7/365, from any web-enabled device, whether it’s a laptop, phone, or tablet. Stay informed and in control, no matter where you are.

  1. Customisable Dashboards

Tailor your experience with customisable dashboards and visual analytics. Visual representations of vast amounts of data help you pinpoint patterns and trends, enabling data-driven decision-making.

  1. Comprehensive Reports

The IPS DMS empowers you with a range of reports, allowing you to review maintenance, revenue, or collections data for a single meter, area, zone, or your entire parking network. Get the insights you need to optimise operations.

  1. Flexible Filtering

Customise your reports with ease. Use filtering features to drag and drop headers, rearrange data, or remove unnecessary elements. Administrators can generate relevant reports without the hassle of exporting data.

  1. Proactive Notifications

Stay ahead of issues with proactive notifications. The IPS DMS alerts you when a terminal requires service or maintenance, such as low battery power, low ticket levels, or a full coin box. Prevent problems before they disrupt your parking system.


Smart Cities

Smart Parking is a critical facet of Smart City infrastructure, especially when it comes to improving mobility, sustainability and overall quality of life. It is also a driver of economic growth. Smart technology supports ever-changing urban environments and contributes to creating resource-efficient, people-centered Smart Cities.

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Louth County Council

MF Services have supplied 230 Pay & Display Machines across Dundalk & Drogheda Towns

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South Infirmary Victoria Hospital

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