MF Services provide a wide range of services and solutions to Bon Secours since 1997, which include:

  • Automatic Doors
  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Pay & Display Parking
  • Automatic Barriers

Pay & Display

MF Services supplied and maintain 10 Cale Pay and Display machines to enable the hospital to effectively control and manage the parking spaces on the facility. Due to it’s close proximity to UCC and Cork City Centre, the hospital needs to ensure effective control over the limited parking spaces on the facility so that they can maximise the available parking for their visitors.

Automatic Doors

MF Services have installed numerous automatic door sets for the hospital. These automatic door installations enable the hospital to:

  • Create defined positive and negative air ventilation zones
  • Control door actions during fire alarm events
  • Clearly define zones, wards and areas

Access Control

MF Services has supplied and maintains the hospital-wide access control system, which includes over 200 doors. This system enables the hospital to maintain limited access to certain parts of the hospital, while complying with the fire evacuation procedures.


MF Services provide preventative and responsive maintenance to the CCTV system on the hospital grounds, which includes over 170 CCTV cameras and associated digital recording and video management system.

Automatic Barriers

MF Services has also supplied and maintains 6 automatic barriers both on the hospital grounds and at remote sites. The barriers are controlled and fully integrated with the Access Control system and enable the hospital to manage multiple sites centrally.

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Health Sector
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MF Services provide Access Control, CCTV, Parking and Door Automation throughout the hospital

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Industrial Sector
Carbon Chemicals Group

MF Services provides a range of services to this company including CCTV, Automatic Gates, Barriers and Access Control

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Retail Sector
Frascati Shopping Centre

MF Services provide a comprehensive and robust parking management system including 4 Entries, 4 Exits and 6 Pay Stations.

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Public Sector
Louth County Council

MF Services have supplied 230 Pay & Display Machines across Dundalk & Drogheda Towns

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