Introducing IPS Revolution Upgrade Kits: Elevate Your Parking Terminal Experience


Are you tired of dealing with outdated coin-only parking terminals that no longer meet the needs of your customers or your business? It’s time for a revolution in parking technology. We present the IPS Revolution Upgrade Kits, meticulously designed to empower you with a seamless transition to the future of parking management. With our upgrade kits, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including cost savings, enhanced functionality, and unparalleled reliability.


Upgrade Your Way, Save Big


We understand that upgrading your entire parking terminal can be a costly endeavour. That’s why we’ve crafted a solution that allows you to transform your dated coin-only terminal into a modern coin/card and contactless Pay and Display terminal without breaking the bank. Our upgrade kit offers a cost-effective alternative, enabling you to harness the latest IPS technology and features while preserving your existing infrastructure.


Streamlined Maintenance and Lower Ownership Costs


One of the primary advantages of IPS Revolution Upgrade Kits is the simplification of maintenance and reduced overall cost of ownership. We’ve replaced the outdated components within your old pay station with state-of-the-art electronic components housed on a single PCBA (printed circuit board). Say goodbye to the tangled mess of electrical wiring harnesses and traditional complexities inside the cabinet box. With IPS, your parking terminal will become a model of reliability and ease of maintenance.



Key Benefits at a Glance


  1. Flexibility: Our upgrade kits empower you to embrace contactless credit/debit card acceptance, a feature often unavailable from the original provider. Enhance the customer journey with user-friendly controls that cater to modern payment preferences.
  2. Unparalleled Power Efficiency: Thanks to solar-charged combination battery packs, you can maximise ongoing power sustainability. Our advanced ultra-low power technology allows for seamless conversion to solar power in most cases, reducing your dependence on mains electricity.
  3. Improved Visibility: LED lighting above the display ensures enhanced visibility for motorists, technicians, and cash collection personnel.
  4. Dependability: Our parking terminals communicate wirelessly on the 3G/4G cellular network, guaranteeing swift and secure two-way communication. This enables seamless credit/debit card authorisations, remote management, tariff updates, and customer display screen adjustments.
  5. Database Management System (DMS): Our DMS offers comprehensive financial, technical, and administrative reporting features. It also provides remote meter configuration capabilities, forming an intuitive and robust Smart Parking solution.


Compatible with Leading Brands


IPS Revolution Upgrade Kits are compatible with a range of Pay & Display terminals, including:


  • Parkeon
  • Metric
  • Cale


We can also provide custom-made upgrade kits, tailored to specific dimensions.


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