Telescopic Sliding Door Solutions

Sliding telescopic doors allow the efficiency of a sliding automatic door to be realized in an application with less space. The door leaves slide over each other in the opening cycle allowing us to maximize the clear opening for a given door width. Ideal for retro fitting in older doorways or as an efficient use of space in new builds. Our TLS system can integrate with security and access control along with fire safety devices and can be used as a final exit when linked to an approved fire system.

All our installations are backed up by our nation wide 24/7 service team.

Telescopic Sliding Door Features:

  • Operator to suit clear opes of 800 to 3000mm wide with 2 or 4 door leaves.
  • Door leaf weights of up to 120 kg.
  • Matching side screens available where required.
  • Low noise operation thanks to high quality gear motors.
  • Low energy consumption through clever electronic controls.
  • Simple Digital user interface for ease of use with Bluetooth connectivity for smart devices.
  • Full integration capability with Access control, Fire systems and BMS.
  • Programmable calendar functions to control access at different times on different days.
  • Integrated electronic locking device available.
  • Full break out door system for escape routes with our Ariete range of profiles.
  • Wide range of door profiles available including Slimline , Glass only and Security .
  • Compliant with EN 16005 .

Telescopic Sliding Door Design

Our great range of Automatic Telescopic Sliding doors offer different functionality and design to adapt to your building needs. We study your case and design and tailor Automatic Telescopic Sliding doors so that we provide the best possible access and safety solution for your building.

Telescopic Sliding Door Installation

As well as supplying high quality automatic Telescopic Sliding doors, we also install automatic Telescopic Sliding doors on a great range of buildings. Whatever your automatic door needs are we will provide a unique and tailored automatic Telescopic Sliding door solution for your building as well as professional automatic door installation services.

Telescopic Sliding Doors Repair & Maintenance

As well as providing high quality automatic Telescopic Sliding doors, our professionals ensure they run smoothly through maintenance services. Regular maintenance can increase the life and the performance of your automatic Telescopic Sliding door and that’s why at MF Services, we take pride in providing automatic door maintenance services. Should automatic doors need a repair MF Services professionals can arrange a hassle-free automatic door repair service for your building.


Automatic Telescopic Sliding door prices range depending on the size, design and type of Telescopic Sliding door your building needs. The cost of an automatic Telescopic Sliding door depends on the factors above. For a free consultation and estimate contact our professional team.


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