We offer a full range of automatic doors including Sliding, Swinging, Telescopic and Curved doors to suit all applications.

Our door systems are available in fire rated versions and are certified to the current EN fire standards. We offer a complete consultancy, design, supply and installation service and we have a nationwide 24/7 Service capability to back up our products.

Automatic Doors Types

Automatic doors improve accessibility and safety for any building, allowing for easy access while
keeping your building secure. We offer a great range of automatic doors including sliding doors,
automatic swing doors, angle doors, telescopic sliding doors, curved sliding doors, revolving doors
and healthcare sector doors. Each automatic door is specifically designed to offer a unique set of
benefits. If you are unsure about what type of door is the best solution for your building, contact us
for expert advice.

Automatic Door Design

Our great range of automatic doors offer different functionality and design to adapt to your building
needs. We study your case and design and tailor automatic doors so that we provide the best
possible access and safety solution for your building.

Automatic Door Installation

As well as supplying high quality automatic doors, we also install automatic doors on a great range of buildings. Whatever your automatic door needs are we will provide a unique and tailored automatic door solution for your building as well as professional automatic door installation services.

Automatic Door Repair & Maintenance

As well as providing high quality automatic doors, our professionals ensure they run smoothly
through maintenance services. Regular maintenance can increase the life and the performance of
your automatic door and that’s why at MF Services, we take pride in providing automatic door
maintenance services. Should automatic doors need a repair MF Services professionals can arrange a hassle-free automatic door repair service for your building.

Automatic Door Cost

Automatic door prices range depending on the size, design and type of automatic door your building
needs. The cost of an automatic door will depend on the factors above. Contact our professionals and get a quote now.

What are automatic doors?

Automatic doors are doors that open and close automatically through a sensor. The automatic door
system allows for easy and secure access as well as energy saving by preventing doors being left

How do automatic doors work?

Automatic doors are doors that open automatically when a sensor activates by sensing the motion
or the approach of a person. Automatic doors provide easy and secure access in many buildings from
hospitals and supermarkets to hotels, these doors keep the building accessible and protected.

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