Latest news April 2015 - MF Services

As of April 2015, the cumulative value of the transactions processed through solutions supplied and installed by MF Services has exceeded the €100,000,000 mark.

This is a testament to the quality of product from both the Cale Group and Amano Europe, and also the exceptional standards of maintenance that MF Services employs.


About MF Services

MF Services was established 1985 by Michael & Anna Foy to provide exceptional service to the Brown & White Electronic Goods industry. Today, MF Services, still led by the Foy family, focuses on providing quality Parking and Security systems to commercial and industrial customers

About Cale

Cale was founded in 1955 and started as a company manufacturing the first parking meters in Sweden. The company has developed immensely since, and is today a leading, global supplier of parking systems and payment solutions.

About Amano

Amano Japan started its activities in Europe in 1972 with a sales branch in Brussels. Nowadays Amano holds 7 companies in 6 different countries; Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Romania and Morocco. With 450 employees in Europe, Amano serves more than 8000 customers, ranging from medium sized to multinationals, in countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, India and Oceania.

Amano Europe N.V. is offering solutions for the parking industry as a manufacture of both hardware and software and as a supplier of related services. Our machines, solutions and expertise are now exported all over the world. The X-PARK system has been installed in more than 25 countries and is growing fast.